Summer Workouts

This year we are implementing a Summer Workout schedule for all athletes in our program. While we want you to enjoy your summer it is important to remember that this is the main time for you to work on your strength, conditioning and game. The work you do during this time will make you a much better player next season. If you wait till October to get ready for the season IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

The workouts are organized by weeks. Starting Monday, June 3rd you will have a detailed activities to accomplish each week. NO ONE is going to make you do this YOU need to get serious about your game. Click on the link for each week to see what is scheduled for you to accomplish. There will be several links on each schedule. These links will take you to video demonstrations of that particular exercise or weightlifting routine. DO NOT attempt to lift alone. Always have a partner with you.

There is also a link on the left that says Record Workout. This link will take you to an online form so that you can record what day and which activities you performed during that workout. You are on the honor system with this reporting form. It will become very obvious very quickly who did and who did not work out this summer.

Good luck and here's to getting BETTER!

Coach Fitz